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2016 Submissions

Want your film to be considered for the 65th MIFF in 2016? Film submissions open on 5 November 2015. To get all the details sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to MIFF's eNews Widescreen.

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Talking Pictures Podcast | Series 2, Episode 1

Welcome to the next series of MIFF's Talking Pictures podcast! Find us on our iTunes page or subscribe to Widescreen, where new episodes will be launched. The latest episode is Holding the Man: Behind the Scenes (41mins)

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Watch the video in full here.

Premiere Fund-supported Putuparri wins $100,000 prize

Just weeks after garnering critical acclaim during its world premiere season at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), MIFF Premiere Fund-supported Putuparri and the Rainmakers has won the $100,000 Film Prize during its MIFF Premiere Fund presentation at Western Australia's Cinefest Oz.

Putuparri and the Rainmakers had a story and characters that were so compelling and emotionally engaging,” said actor, and Cinefest Jury Chair, David Wenham. “This story was told in such a way that it reinforced the power of cinema to entertain, touch us deeply and stay with us forever.” Read the full story here.

MIFF 2015 Talking Pictures Videos

If you missed any of our Talking Pictures events for 2015, or if you want to relive the ones you loved, visit the MIFF 2015 Talking Pictures Videos page. See the full David Gulpilil conversation with Margaret Pomeranz and Clickbait Criticism panel discussion, and excerpts from all other sessions we recorded.

MIFF People's Choice Award Winners!

The results are in: the winners of the MIFF People's Choice Awards, presented by Foxtel Movies, are Song of the Sea(Best Feature) and Graceful Girls (Best Documentary). Congratulations to all the winners in the Top 20!

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MIFF 2015 is now ended

The 64th Melbourne International Film Festival ran from 30 July-16 August 2015. You can still browse the program and enjoy the photo galleries or video highlights. Dates for the 65th MIFF in 2016 will be announced soon. Get all the MIFF information you need delivered straight to your inbox by signing up to the eNews Widescreen.

October MIFF Members' Screening

Our second MIFF Members' screening for October is Experimenter, thanks to our friends at the Jewish International Film Festival.

In 1961, Yale University psychology professor Stanley Milgram was determined to find out how and why people could be pushed to extremes. The son of Holocaust survivors, he was driven to create the “obedience experiments”: how far will ordinary people go if commanded to by an authority figure?

The latest film from indie director Michael Almereyda (Anarchy) was a huge hit at its Sundance Film Festival premiere, its playful yet provocative true story winning over audiences. Featuring an all-star cast that includes Peter Sarsgaard and Winona Ryder.

7pm, Monday 19 October
Classic Cinemas, Elsternwick


2015 Photo Galleries

#MIFF2015 is over but the memories – and the photos – live on! Now live are galleries of events across the festival, including the three big Galas, MIFF Premiere Fund World Premieres, Surprise Screenings, Talking Pictures panels and guests, and scenes from the Festival Lounge.