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Access Information

Melbourne International Film Festival is committed to making the festival accessible for all. We are committed to providing a range of accessible services and facilities at festival screenings and events in order to ensure that all film lovers have access to quality cinema experiences.


See Accessible Films and Event Information (including open captioned, subtitled and audio described films) 

See  Transport Information (including accessible transport and parking options)

See Venue Information (including accessible specifications of all MIFF venues)

See Next Gen Venue and Transport Information


Access Enquiries

If you have an access enquiry or requirement, or would like more information please contact the Access Officer at access(at) or alternatively call the MIFF Box Office on 03 8660 4898.

MIFF is also contactable through the National Relay Service on 133 677 then Box Office 03 8660 4898.

You can also email any enquiries, comments and suggestions to access(at)

You can browse the 2015 MIFF festival program by the following individual access requirements: 


Companion Card 25 MIFF supports and accepts the Companion Card. To book tickets using your Companion Card please call Box Office on 03 8660 4898.


Vic Carers 24 MIFF also offers Vic Carer cardholders Concession.

Wheelchair Access icon Wheelchair Access

MIFF has made every effort to ensure programmed films are being screened at wheelchair accessible venues. Please email access(at) or call 03 8660 4898 should you need to reserve a wheelchair accessible space.

Please Note: Wheelchair Access indicates access for individuals with limited mobility, including wheelchair users.


Assisted Listening icon Assisted Listening

All MIFF venues except Grey Gardens possess Audio Induction Loops and/or other assistive listening technology.  If you have enquiries relating to assistive listening, please contact us at access(at) or speak with a MIFF staff member or volunteer upon arrival at the venue.


Auslan Interpreted icon Auslan Interpreted

To assist the Deaf Community in engaging with MIFF's program of films and events, Auslan Interpreters will be present at a selection of Special Events during the festival.

To ensure the most suitable viewing seats are reserved please book through the Box Office. The Box Office can be contacted by email at access(at) or by phone on 03 8660 4898.


Open Captions icon Open Captions

To assist patrons who are Deaf or hard of hearing engage with MIFF's program, there will be screenings of certain films with Open Captions available.

To ensure the most suitable viewing seats are reserved please book through the Box Office. The Box Office can be contacted by email at access(at) or by phone on 03 8660 4898.


Subtitled Subtitled

Many films screening at MIFF are subtitled. Browse by Subtitle includes films with partial subtitles. If you would like a list of films which are fully subtitled please email access(at) or phone 03 8660 4898.


Website Access

The MIFF website has been created to be as accessible as possible for all users. Audio recordings of our programmers highlighting sections of the 2015 program will be made available soon, along with Auslan videos for selected events and programs.

You can easily stay informed with updates about accessible shows, festival news and competitions by signing up for the MIFF Widescreen, or liking us on Facebook or by following us on Twitter.