Approved for Adoption

France/Belgium (75 mins, dir. Laurent Boileau, Jung)

Genre: Animation/Documentary
Key Themes: Adoption, cultural differences, racism, parental conflict, identity, hardship
Suitable Year Levels: Middle secondary +
Language: French, with English subtitles

Winner of the Audience Award at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

A hybrid of stylised animation and autobiographical documentary, Laurent Boileau and Jung Henin’s adaptation of the latter’s graphic novel weaves memories and moods into a thoughtful meditation upon the adoptee experience.

Recalling Persepolis (MIFF 2007) and Waltz With Bashir (MIFF 2008) in style and tone, Approved for Adoption used honey-toned sketches to enliven Jung’s formative years as a South Korean-born, Belgian-raised and Japanese culture-obsessed adolescent. Nearly four decades later, his belated trip to his homeland is captured in live-action footage to provide the perfect dramatic complement, with the film charting Jung’s endeavour to reconcile his upbringing with his roots.

Gorgeously animated and engagingly compiled, Approved for Adoption is wry, endearing and sophisticated storytelling that traces issues of identity.

“This voyage of discovery will provide throat lumps galore.” – Variety


School Screenings

11am Monday 29 July at ACMI

1.30pm Wednesday 7 August at ACMI


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