Canada (107 mins, dir. Jason Buxton)

Genre: Drama
Key Themes: Injustice, persecution, bullying, school violence, social media, perceptions
Suitable Year Levels: Senior secondary +
Language: English

“I was angry, I wrote things down. Stupid, not dangerous.”

In a culture of fear, the line between victim and aggressor becomes hard to trace. But Sean, a high-school outcast, finds himself on the wrong side of that line when he posts a revenge-fuelled tirade online. The comments spark the darkest fears of his rural town and he is convicted of planning a mass shooting and saddled with the nickname ‘Columbine’.

The shadows of past events fall heavy on this tale of paranoia, perception and the dangers of social media. Blackbird poses searching questions about the role media hysteria and our own reactions can play in manufacturing monsters in our midst.

Director Jason Buxton won the Claude Jutra Award for first-time filmmakers at the Canadian Screen Awards, with judges noting Blackbird was "a cutting edge and socially poignant debut film”.


School Screenings

11am Wednesday 31 July at ACMI

11am Tuesday 6 August at ACMI


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