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Philippa Hawker

Philippa Hawker

Philippa Hawker is a film writer at The Australian. She was a film reviewer and arts writer at The Age from 1997 to 2016, and has been editor of the journal Cinema Papers and literary editor of the Sunday Herald. She is writing a book about the screen life of the actor Jean-Pierre Léaud.

City I call home:  Melbourne

Twitter handle: @philippics

Facebook page:

Type of cinema I am most passionate about:

I don’t think I can manage to confine myself to one type. 

A film that changed me:

I would normally say Chris Marker’s La Jetée because seeing it in my first year of high school transformed my idea of what a film was, but if I had to name another, it would be Wong Kar-wai’s Days Of Being Wild, an extraordinary, enveloping sensory work that also encouraged me to explore Hong Kong cinema in greater depth

Cinema excites me because:

There’s always something to discover in every viewing experience.

My career highlight was:

My first paid review was published in the Melbourne Times

The future of film criticism is:


The film I'm most looking forward to at MIFF is:

Two answers necessary here. I can't wait to see The Death Of Louis XIV because of Jean-Pierre Léaud in the title role, but I'm also very excited by Gaining Ground, the program of films by women directors working in the New York in the 70s and 80s.