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Dominic Barlow

Dominic Barlow

Dominic Barlow is a Sydney-based sub-editor and Rotten Tomatoes-certified reviewer for film website 4:3, and has written previously for UTS Vertigo, Reel Good and Super Quick Reviews.

He discovered his love for cinema poring over the credits of his family's VHS tapes (before IMDB came along), and after he and his family moved to Sydney from a country town called Gloucester, he chased numerous opportunities to become more acquainted with the art form, such as undertaking work experience with VFX/animation house Animal Logic, volunteering for the Sydney Film Festival, and serving on the teen jury for the Sydney International Animation Festival.

He also won $10,000 in a commercial radio contest for correctly identifying five films from one-word clips of dialogue, and is keenly aware of how simultaneously amazing and nerdy that is.

He has graduated from the University of Technology Sydney with a Bachelor's Degree in Information and Media, and the Australian Film Television and Radio School with a Diploma of Editing.

Currently, he is working in the post-production team of DDP Studios, a Deluxe company serving the local film and TV industries, and has previously worked in companies such as Becker Film Group and the Sydney Fringe Festival. He lives in Dulwich Hill.

Age: 23

City I call home: Sydney

Twitter handle: @DnicB

Website: 4:3 

Facebook page:

Type of cinema I am most passionate about:

Australian cinema (for what it says about the national interest, sometimes inadvertently) and animation (for being the boundless medium that got me interested in all cinema in the first place).

A film that changed me/my mind is:

Play Time because it yanked out the last thorn of insecurity that made me think I had to “get” cinema, like it were a lock I needed the right key for. Watching Tati bumble through office floors and a party descend into bubbling chaos, I realised that what I saw and what I felt, however those might change in time, were all that was necessary. Whether I could write well about those was - still is - another matter!

I’m looking forward to Critics Campus because:

It’s fair to say that it’s a turbulent time for arts criticism and publishing, so to meet with others facing that future and openly discuss the way forward is an exciting and vital opportunity.

Cinema excites me because: 

It has a mind-boggling breadth of genres and periods that I’m forever keen to know more about. It also thrives when it plays into its summative aspects and packs as much as it can into a single runtime.

Favourite critic and why:

Jonathan Rosenbaum, for laying the path out of my Hollywood insularity.

The future of film criticism is:

Opening readers’ eyes to the tremendous history of cinema that will always need further preservation and treatment by its increasingly digital distributors.

Film criticism is important because: 

While film-makers and artists are obliged only to the responsibilities they set for themselves, criticism has an obligation to history, in that it always frames the new with what’s come before and, ideally, brings everyone to a better collective understanding.

The MIFF film I'm most looking forward to:

Helmut Berger, Actor. Whoever wrote "Grey Gardens by way of Pink Flamingos" in the program guide knows me far too well - a loopy portrait doco with a crass streak is something I can't say "no" to.