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Tanya Farley

Tanya Farley

Tanya Farley is a reviewer on Triple R radio’s weekly film program ‘Film Buffs Forecast’ in Melbourne. She is a professional writer and PR all-rounder traversing scripts, feature articles and speeches.  In addition to avidly watching films she has worked as a freelance Producer and Production Manager for short films and music videos giving her an insight into production methods and an appreciation of the painstaking process involved in developing a script and bringing it to the screen.   Her love of film sprouted from midday movies where Elvis Presley and the Rat Pack taught her about Hollywood’s Golden Age - and a few Hayes Code-related lessons that at the time went over her youthful head. For a time, she thought she was going to marry the boy who could fly but these days she keeps her feet firmly on the ground and is passionate about films - narrative and documentary - that present a new perspective, from a fresh take on genre, to films that rewrite the rulebooks on form and technique. 

Age: 33

City I call home: Melbourne

Twitter handle: @misstfarley

Type of cinema I am most passionate about:

A compelling story is the key to my heart – narrative or documentary, I’m non-partisan. Some of the most memorable films I’ve seen ran for less than 2 minutes while others were epic. I’m captivated by films that tell me something new about the world, or our place in it. 

A film that changed me/my mind is:

Gaspar Noé’s Irreversible because it was an assault on the senses – from its destabilising soundscape to mind bending visuals.  A tale of incredible violence threaded into a tender love story - unwatchable and yet mesmerising. That said, a critic is nothing without honesty so I do have to confess my true love for The Princess Bride – #AndretheGiant #comicgenius

I’m looking forward to Critics Campus because:
MIFF is always an opportunity to be surrounded by people from a range of backgrounds who are passionate about cinema. The Campus will take this to the next level in an environment where I can build my skills while surrounded by people who can tell their neo realism from their new wave.

Cinema excites me because:
Each time the lights go down, you never truly know what to expect. That and you can have snacks in a movie…you can’t do that an art gallery.

Favourite critic and why:
The late John Hinde was a pioneer who worked across radio, print and television to open up film criticism to the masses - including me as a six year old. He had an encyclopaedic knowledge and approached films both as an avid cinephile and a regular punter, providing context, history and theory which invited people to read films as much as watch them.

The future of film criticism is:
Both shrinking and expanding at the same time. While print is on the wane, like filmmaking, technology is making it easier than ever to create something and put it out to an audience. But like filmmakers, for critics, the challenge is to write or create something of depth and quality that stands out and gets above the noise.

Film criticism is important because: 

Critics don’t just help us to understand films and a filmmaker’s intentions, they play a key role in the development of our industry by highlighting films that may not ordinarily compete with a studio advertising budget and by building a feedback loop that goes beyond the box office.

The MIFF film I am most looking forward to:

The Death and Life of Otto Bloom. Not only am I hotly anticipating this one, the world premiere will mark the start of 18 days of MIFF immersion.