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Philippa Hawker

Philippa Hawker has been writing on film and the arts for The Age since 1997. She is a former editor of the now defunct Australian film journal Cinema Papers.


Twitter handle: @philippics

City I call home: Melbourne

Area of cinema I am most passionate about: I can’t reduce this to a single category.

A film that changed me: Chris Marker’s La Jetée, because I saw it in the first year of high school and it made me realise that cinema can do anything.

MIFF film I’m most looking forward to: I'm keen to see as many films as I can in psychedelic strand, because a curated program is one of the most interesting thing a festival has to offer.

I’m looking forward to Critics Campus because: l met some terrific and inspiring writers at last year's event.

Cinema excites me because: there’s always something to discover in every viewing experience.