The Day of the Crows

France/Belgium/Canada (94 mins, dir. Jean Christophe Dessaint)

Genre: Animation/Fantasy
Key Themes: Persecution, parental conflict, identity, hardship, death
Suitable Year Levels: Junior secondary +
Language: French, with English subtitles

“Combining elements of Shrek and Truffaut’s The Wild Child.” – Hollywood Reporter

This debut feature from skilled French animator Jean Christophe Dessaint is both beautifully crafted and very moving. Featuring the voices of Jean Reno and the late Claude Chabrol, The Day of the Crows follows the isolated existence of an ogre-like father called Pumpkin and his semi-feral son. When Pumpkin injures himself, Junior ventures outside their forest home to seek help. Here he meets a kindly doctor and his sweet daughter, who introduces him to life in the outside world.

Featuring wonderfully lush, hand-drawn animation – from the Studio Ghibli-like forest spirits to the richly colourful Manet-like backgrounds – the film deftly balances lightness and humour with darker themes of persecution and parental control making it appealing for children and adults alike.


School Screenings

1.30pm Tuesday 6 August at ACMI

1.30pm Thursday 8 August at ACMI


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