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MIFF Shorts at Fed Square

MIFF Shorts at Fed Square

During March and April 2017, enjoy the early Autumn atmosphere on deckchairs with MIFF Shorts at Fed Square – a specially programmed package of five shorts by local Melbourne filmmakers, that have all screened at Melbourne International Film Festival in 2015 or 2016. 

The program, presented in partnership with Federation Square, features a free 60 minutes screening on the Big Screen in the plaza at Fed Sq:

12pm – 1pm every Wednesday during March (from Wed 8 March)
5pm – 6pm every Thursday during April 

The program includes:

Olympic Nick: A Donutumentary (MIFF 2016)
Directors - Ian Tran, Rachel Morssink
Producers - Tessa Mansfield-Hung, Ian Tran
Synopsis: The story of Melbourne icon Nick Tsiligiris and the hot jam doughnuts he makes at Footscray train station.
Duration: 9 minutes

Big City (MIFF 2016)
Director - Jordan Bond, Lachlan Ryan
Producer - Jarrod Theodore
Synopsis: A lonely taxi driver working the late shift is befriended by one of his passengers.
Duration: 9 minutes

Congratulations to the filmmakers behind Big City, it has just been selected for Tribeca Film Festival 2017 this April!

Family Holiday (MIFF 2015)
Director - Ted Wilson
Producer - Tom Graham
Synopsis: A family goes on holiday. They are a family on a holiday.
Duration: 6 minutes

Sweat (MIFF 2015)
Director -  Rodd Rathjen
Producer - Robbie McEwan
Synopsis: Colin Friels plays a farmer trying to keep up with his younger and more technologically advanced neighbour. Direct Rodd Rathjen won the 2013 MIFF Best Australian Short Award.
Duration: 11 minutes

Ernie Biscuit (MIFF 2015)
Director - Adam Elliot
Producer - Adam Elliot
Synopsis: Oscar-winner Adam Elliot’s Claymation about a Parisian taxidermist who travels to Australia with his pet duck.
Duration: 21 minutes


The films are unclassified, but approved to screen without age restrictions by the Australian Classification Board.