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Hong Kong / China, 2004 (MIFF 2004, Regional Focus)

Director: Sylvia Chang

20: 30: 40 Hong Kong/China

Sex and the City Taipei-style. Nominated for the Golden Bear at this year's Berlin Film Festival, this irresistible film from Sylvia Chang is a fun and entertaining romantic comedy following the lives of three women looking for love.

20-year-old Xiao-jie has left her family home and strict parents behind in Malaysia to pursue a pop career in Taiwan. Full of youthful exuberance, but hopelessly naïve, Xiao-jie meets Brother Shi, a sleazy and insensitive manager, who promises the wide-eyed newcomer big things.

On the cusp of turning 30, flight attendant Xiang is in the throes of a passionate affair with a married man; the trouble is she also has a younger lover. Maddeningly indecisive and lonely, Xiang isn't ready for commitment but nonetheless aches for company. Meanwhile, 40-year-old recent divorcee Lily juggles the pressures of running a flower shop, dealing with her kids and reintroducing herself on the dating scene. Loving her new lifestyle, she meets a sexy businessman, Jerry. The only catch is that he is currently dating a girl who is the same age as Lily's daughter.

D Sylvia Chang P Hsu Li-Kong, Patricia Cheng S Sylvia Chang, GC Goo-Bi, Cat Kwan WS Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia L Mandarin w/English subtitles TD 35mm/Col/2004/113mins

Syvia Chang was born in Taiwan in 1953. Films include: Once Upon a Time (1981), Passion (1986), Siao Yu (1995), Tempting Heart (1999).

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