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USA / UK, 2004 (MIFF 2004, Homelands The Middle East in Focus)

Director: James Miller

Death in Gaza USA/UK

'Death In Gaza is a perceptive and compassionate piece of reportage' It doesn't seek to editorialise or take a broader view of history but works primarily on a human interest level. It is not about the rights and wrongs of the conflict but the experiences and mindset of those who endure it on a daily basis.' -screen International

'Death in Gaza began as a straightforward documentary about Palestinian children suffering from the Israeli army's violent incursions into the Gaza Strip. That subject is poignant enough. But the film took on an extra, even sadder dimension when its British director, Emmy-award winning journalist James Miller, was shot and killed by Israeli forces while exiting from a house waving a white flag.

'The film was completed by producer-writer Saira Shah, who was working with Miller when he was shot. Shah weaves the story of Miller's death into the story as a testament to his bravery and professionalism. But Death in Gaza also fulfills its original mandate to show the plight of Palestinian children. On one hand, they're continually harassed by Israeli tanks, and on the other, they're used as expendable spies by the Palestinian paramilitaries.' -The Hollywood Reporter

Please note: contains scenes that may offend some viewers

D James Miller P James Miller, Saira Shah S Saira Shah WS HBO Sales L English, Arabic w/English subtitles TD Video/Col/2004/79mins

James Miller was born in Wales, UK in 1968. Films: Beneath the Veil (2001), Unholy War (2001).

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