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USA, 2004 (MIFF 2004, FedEx International Panorama)

Director: Randy Nargi

G-Sale USA

Bogwood: the garage sale capital of the USA. A certain breed of person will spend every weekend combing through other folks' cast-off belongings looking for treasure in the form of an elephant carved from a coconut. Like Christopher Guest's Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman, the fictional eccentrics of G-Sale are often very hard to distinguish from the real thing. This side-splitting mockumentary expertly balances humour and authenticity, exploring a subculture that brings out the best and worst in people' but mainly the worst!

A washed-up sitcom leprechaun, an alcoholic market researcher, a twitchy fantasy-game designer and a pair of lesbian antique-store dealers form the core of this splendid comedy. For various bizarre reasons'ranging from career crises through to blind greed and obsessive/compulsive behaviour'They are all in hot pursuit of a withdrawn 60s board-game called Pot O' Gold.

'Ultimately this motley crew of peculiar pack rats is assembled at a garage sale show-down. Like Survivor contestants competing for a million dollar prize, these rivals sweet-talk, double-cross and out-maneuver one another to bag this second-hand big game.' -Film Threat

D/S Randy Nargi P Jessi Badami WS The Film Sales Company TD Video/Col/2002/79mins

Randy Nargi's films: G-Sale (MIFF 2004).

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