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Iran, 2004 (MIFF 2004, Homelands The Middle East in Focus)

Director: Alireza Amini

Letters in the Wind (Namehay Bad) Iran

One of the hallmarks of Iranian cinema is the ability to present a seemingly simple premise and infuse it with a depth of feeling and startling clarity of ideas. This debut film from Alireza Amini, whose latest film, The Riverside, is also screening in the Festival, is a striking example of new Iranian cinema. Minimalist in its approach and with a documentary-like sensibility, Letters in the Wind is a captivating tale of human connection.

A group of young soldiers is stationed near Tehran, where they complete their compulsory military service. Brought together from remote corners of Iran, these young men struggle to coexist under harsh and isolating conditions. One soldier attempts to stave off loneliness by recording short messages from his fellow servicemen. The tape recorder itself represents, for the soldiers, an instrument to escape the stark reality of their situation. Through sly observations of life, humour permeates the grim surroundings as Amini builds his film to a gentle climax that is utterly charming and an affirmation of the generosity of the human spirit.

D/S Alireza Amini P Habibollah Kasesaz WS Sheherazad Media International L Farsi w/English subtitles TD 35mm/Col/2002/76mins

Alireza Amini was born in Tehran, Iran in 1970. Films include: Tiny Snowflakes (2003), The Riverside (MIFF 2004).

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