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South Korea, 2004 (MIFF 2004, Regional Focus)

Director: Kim Jee-woon

A Tale of Two Sisters (Janghwa, Hongryon) South Korea

Based on a Korean folk tale about an evil stepmother and her two daughters, this South Korean box-office smash is from acclaimed director Kim Jee-woon (The Foul King, MIFF 2001). Hollywood has already bought the remake rights, so get in early and see the real deal.

Sisters Su-mi and Su-yeon return home from hospital after being treated for a mysterious illness. They are welcomed by their father, My-hyun, and stepmother, Eun-joo. But this is no happy homecoming; Su-mi is openly hostile to her stepmother, while her younger sister is cowed by Eun-joo's ice-queen persona. When bizarre events begin to happen'a ghost appears, Eun-joo's precious birds are killed, the sisters' dead mother's belongings suddenly appear in the house' Eun-joo freaks out, locking Su-yeon in a wardrobe. This is only the catalyst, however, that triggers a series of shocking events that can only lead to one thing' bloody mayhem.

'a film of mounting dread, rooted in superbly precise design and camerawork, animated by just-right performances, made by a director who knows the line between visceral shocks and psychological frissons. Be warned, though: blood will flow.' -Vancouver Film Festival

D/S Kim Jee-woon P Oh Ki-min, Oh Jung-wan WS Cineclick Asia L Korean w/English subtitles TD 35mm/Col/2003/115mins

Kim Jee-woon was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1962. Films include: The Quiet Family (MIFF 1999), The Foul King (MIFF 2001).

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