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Japan, 2004 (MIFF 2004, Animation Gallery)

Tokyo Express 04 Japan

Back for a third huge year! Tokyo Express 04 is an exclusive programme compiled for MIFF by Madman Entertainment, Australia's leading distributor of quality anime. MIFF offers a rare chance to preview four pilot episodes of upcoming series on the big screen.

Texhnolyze Deep inside the earth, the citizens of the forgotten experimental city of Lukuss live with rampant gang violence. Hard-boiled sci-fi adventure in a dark dystopia, from the creators of Hellsing and Serial Experiments Lain (MIFF 2001).

Wolf's Rain In the far future earth is a ruined wasteland and the survivors live in a few domed cities. Wolves, along with most wild animals, have been extinct for 200 years... or so everyone believes. From the creators of Cowboy Bebop'melancholy, dark, understated, and very powerful.

Read or Die Yomiko Readman works for a secret branch of the British Library, where her power to telekinetically control paper helps her on missions to retrieve rare manuscripts and protect the world from the evil 'Death Symphony'. Grand anime camp.

Ghost in the Shell (Stand Alone Complex) The series spin-off of one of the most influential anime ever. In this hyper-tech universe the line between the digital and physical worlds has been blurred. The definition of technology and humanity has been stretched beyond imagination.

TD Video/Col/2004/96mins

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