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One Man Band

USA (MIFF 2005, animation)

Director: Andrew Jimenez

One Man Band
MIFF is proud to present the Australian premiere of Pixar's [One Man Band], the latest short film from the world-renowned computer-animation giant. Pixar is responsible for groundbreaking animations such as [Toy Story], [Finding Nemo] (featuring MIFF's own Geoffrey Rush), [Monsters Inc.] and [The Incredibles]. Co-directed by Andrew Jimenez and Mark Andrews, [One Man Band] is a hilarious tale of two street musicians and a small child with only one coin. The comic timing is spot on, the animation flawless and the imagination out of this world.
D/S Andrew Jimenez, Mark Andrews P Osnat Shurerk L no dialogue TD 35mm/col/2005/5mins

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