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animation shorts 1

(MIFF 2005)

* [Pinata] (Mike Hollands, Australia) * [Appeal] (Asteria Widarini Setiono, Australia) * [Clara] (Van Sowerwine, Australia) * [Bikini] (Lasse Persson , Sweden) * [His Passionate Bride] (Monika Forsberg, UK) * [Crocodile Journals] (Yeo Lee, USA/Singapore) * [The Meaning of Life] (Don Hertzfeldt, USA) * [Spooky Doll Kids] (Roseline Lau, Australia) * [Frank and Wendy (episode 1)] (Kaspar Jancis, Uelo Pikkov, Priit Tender, Estonia) * [The Twelve Months] (Jonathan Nix, Australia) * [The Mysterious Geographical Explorations of Jasper Morello] (Anthony Lucas , Australia)

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