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vietnam symphony

Australia, (MIFF 2005, Australian Showcase)

Director: Tom Zubrycki

When Hanoi was under threat of massive US bombing in 1965, students and teachers from the Conservatorium of Music fled to the countryside. There they re-established their school by building an entire campus underground, including a 500-seat auditorium and 40 special caverns for the pianos. Award-winning filmmaker Tom Zubrycki's ([Molly and Mobarak], MIFF 03) most recent documentary tells this extraordinary story with music, archival footage and interviews. Focusing on Professor Huong, whose son, also a musician, turns his back on a career in concert music to become a quiz show host on television, Zubrycki presents a relevant metaphor for modern Vietnam. Vietnam Symphony is a moving portrait of life then and today, of a rapidly changing nation that now embraces trends and ideas from the very countries it fought against 40 years ago. Tom Zubrycki will be attending the festival.
D/S Tom Zubrycki P Kerry Herman WS Film Australia L English, Vietnamese w/English subtitles TD video/col, B&W/2005/52mins Tom Zubrycki was born in London, England, in 1946. His films include [Homelands] (1993), [Billal] (1996), [The Diplomat] (2000) [Molly & Mobarak] (2003).

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