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remarkable mr. kaye, the

Australia, 2005 (MIFF 2005, Australian Showcase)

Director: Paul Cox

[The Remarkable Mr Kaye] is a portrait - a "blatantly biased portrait" - by filmmaker Paul Cox of Norman Kaye, actor, musician and passionate lover of life. Norman Kaye and Paul Cox first met in Melbourne in 1967. Norman, music teacher and 'after hours' actor, and Paul, stills photographer, discovered in each other a mutual desire to explore their ideas and dreams through film. So began a 36-year working relationship that ceased only as the curtains of Alzheimer's disease gradually closed around Norman. There are few films by Paul Cox that are without some significant contribution, on-screen or off, by Norman Kaye. Whether as lead actor or in a supporting role, as composer or as performer, Norman influenced everyone around him with his guileless enthusiasm and humour. Through stills, film extracts and personal memories, Paul Cox has created a moving film portrait of an extraordinary individual, a rich collaboration and rare friendship. [The Remarkable Mr Kaye] pays homage to a friend. It is a tribute to a friendship and creative partnership that has shaped and changed Paul Cox's life. Paul Cox will be attending the festival.
D/S Paul Cox P Margot Solomon WS Illumination Films TD video/col/ 2005/50mins Paul Cox was born in Venlo, the Netherlands, in 1940. His films include [Lonely Hearts] (1982), [Man of Flowers] (1983), [Molokai: The Story of 'Father Damien'] (MIFF 00), [Human Touch] (MIFF 04).

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