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Bound to lose

USA, 2005 (MIFF 2005, Backbeat: Music on Film)

Director: Sam Wainwright Douglas, Paul Lovelace

Bound to lose
A steady diet of amphetamines has left The Holy Modal Rounders' co-founder Peter Stampfel with a nervous, Woody Allen manner that drives his partner in crime, Steve Weber, crazy. Stampfel gave away drugs in the late 1970s and Weber plans to quit any day now. When Weber goes AWOL for more than a year during the course of this rollicking documentary you realise it won't be any day soon! The Holy Modal Rounders was an oddity even among the folk-loving, free-thinking Greenwich Village crowd of the 60s. Gifted players possessed of a scholar's knowledge of American roots music, Stampfel and Weber either confused or bewitched audiences. Filmmaker Sam Shepard was once a member and Dennis Hopper is still a fan. They - along with Loudon Wainwright III, Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan, The Fugs' Ed Sanders and Monkee Peter Tork - discuss the impact of the Rounders' insane arrangements of traditional tunes as well as their eccentric originals. [Bound to Lose] is a no-holds-barred account of a friendship and creative collaboration that has weathered more than 40 years of booze and substance abuse and truly unique music.
D Sam Wainwright Douglas, Paul Lovelace P Sam Wainwright Douglas, Jesse Fisher, Francis Hatch, Paul Lovelace WS Bad Bird Productions TD video/col/2005/87mins Sam Wainwright Douglas was born in Texas, USA. His films include [Get Rhythm] (1999, short). Paul Lovelace was born in St Louis, USA. His films include [The Sonnets] (2004, short).

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