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PUCKER UP: THE fine art of whistling

USA (MIFF 2005, Documentaries)

Director: Kate Davis & David Heilbroner

A Washington investment banker, a Dutch social worker and a charismatic turkey hauler descend on a small North Carolina city to do battle for the world's top puckering prize. [PUCKER UP: THE fine art of whistling] is an amusing portrait of some very serious contenders in the annual Louisburg International Whistling Competition. "It might sound weird, but trust us, the whistles, clucks, oodles and chirps leave viewers astounded and they find themselves, as in the fictional [Best in Show], picking sides between the hobbyist philosophers and the career-minded professional puckerers." - Austin Statesmen "Not since Lauren Bacall offered her simple instructions has the art of whistling been so bracingly watchable and engaging. Featuring astonishing performances and unforgettable whistlers, [Pucker Up] offers numerous pleasures, and yet, the challenge to keep your own lips pursed throughout the entire film may trump them all." - Austin Chronicle

D/P Kate Davis, David Heilbroner WS Films Transit TD video/col/ 2005/79mins Kate Davis was born in Boston, USA, in 1960. Her films include [Girltalk] (1987), [Southern Comfort] (MIFF 01), [Jockey] (2004). [Pucker Up: The Fine Art of Whistling] (MIFF 05) is David Heilbroner's first feature documentary.

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