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USA, (MIFF 2005, Documentaries)

Director: Leslie Neale

Sixteen-year-old Michael Duc Ta was sentenced to 35 years for having the bad luck to be in the vicinity of a pistol shot that hurt no-one. Fourteen-year-old Anait faces 200 years incarceration for piling into the back seat of a friend's car, which was later described as a 'getaway' vehicle. Juvies is narrated by Mark Wahlberg - who did time at 16 for his youthful crimes - with heartfelt poetry readings by Mos Def. "[Juvies] explores the lives of intelligent, reflective young people caught up in a system that has deteriorated into little more than vending-machine justice. [Juvies] shows just how unaware the public is about the Draconian result of the laws they voted for." - LA Weekly "[Juvies] introduces you to the kind of teenagers we're supposed to be scared of. In 1996 the Council on Crime in America called the upcoming generation of teenagers 'a ticking time-bomb, a national wolf-pack of conditioned super-predators'. The result is that more than 200,000 'juvies' are prosecuted as adults each year..." - Boston Globe
D Leslie Neale P Traci Odom WS Ostrow & Co. TD video/col/2003/66mins

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