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USA, 2005 (MIFF 2005, Backbeat: Music on Film)

Director: Scot Barbour

The roots of the 1990s' grunge phenomenon lay in the melding of punk and metal into the stadium-meets-CBGB styling of bands such as Malfunkshun, Green River and Mother Love Bone. Andrew Wood, charismatic vocalist and haunting lyricist for Mother Love Bone, died in 1990 after a heroin overdose. His band had been the focus of a major label bidding war and, just two weeks away from the release of their highly anticipated debut album, Apple, they were gone. For the first time, Andrew Wood's story, including his early work with Malfunkshun, is brought to light. This is a documentary tribute to one performer's life, which became the inspiration for some of Seattle's greatest musicians. His compelling story is told through his music, band mates and never before seen interviews with Wood himself, along with members of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Temple of the Dog. These interviews are interwoven with rare concert footage, as well as an amazing soundtrack that includes unreleased Andrew Wood solo work. "It started with a sticker someone put on my leather jacket at a New Year's party. I sold everything I owned knowing I was supposed to make this movie." - director, Scot Barbour
D/P Scot Barbour WS Seventh Art Releasing TD video/col/2005/107mins Scot Barbour was born in Oakland, USA, in 1969. [Malfunkshun] (MIFF 05) is his first feature documentary.

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