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keep not silent

Israel, 2004 (MIFF 2005, Homelands Now: The Middle East in Focus)

Director: Ilil Alexander

keep not silent
Can one live a normal life as a lesbian if deeply rooted in the Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox Jewish community' The answer is no. The Holy Scripture forbids homosexuality. Lesbianism is unacceptable, non-negotiable and its likely consequence is excommunication. This profoundly moving film tells the story of three women who are all considered 'sinners' by their religion. One is single and fights openly, while the two married women fight secretly for their right to love within the restraints of the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox communities. Unwilling to compromise themselves and unwilling to ignore either their sexual orientation or their religious convictions, the consequences of their stance are almost unbearable. Almost. The film ingeniously utilises Internet web-cams, windows and curtains to document the path each woman has carved for herself, painfully caught between her love for her children, husband, community and God. The film transcends any religious orientation. Rather, it depicts the women's courageous fight for acceptance and their extraordinary search for self-truth and a place within their world. It was the winner of Best Documentary at the 2004 Israeli Film Awards.
D/P Ilil Alexander S Ilil Alexander, Oron Adar WS Films Transit International L Hebrew, English w/English subtitles TD video/ col/2004/52mins Ilil Alexander was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1971. [Keep Not Silent] (MIFF 05) is her first feature film.

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