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USA, 2005 (MIFF 2006, Documentaries)

Director: Liam Lynch

“Sarah Silverman is the most outrageously funny woman alive. If you want proof of that declaratory sentence, see Jesus Is Magic.” - Rolling Stone
From behind the scatterbrain Jewish-American Princess façade emerges comedian Sarah Silverman, who exploded onto the comedy circuit as a writer for Saturday Night Live at the age of 22 but will be familiar to many through her roles in such films as School of Rock, The Aristocrats and Say It Isn't So.
This quasi-concert documentary inter-mingles Silverman's rapier wit with on-stage musical performances and backstage intrigue of the most colourful and warped kind. Audiences should be prepared to squirm with guilt, only to laugh with a hearty sense of communal relief.
“Sarah jokes about killing Christ (‘I'd f**king do it again in a second if I heard those Birkenstocks padding up behind me'), makes fun of Martin Luther King, travesties 9-11, and suggests that her grandmother got a ‘vanity number' at Auschwitz. Her vagina monologue is actually a duet (with a third orifice joining in for the chorus).” - Village Voice

Contains scenes that may offend.

D Liam Lynch P Heidi Herzon, Mark Williams, Randy Sosin S Sarah Silverman WS Interscope Records TD 35mm/2005/72mins

Liam Lynch was born in Ohio, USA, in 1970. Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic (2005) is his feature film directing debut.

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