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USA, 2006 (MIFF 2006, International Panorama)

Director: So Yong Kim


A Korean-born girl in the USA struggles with teenage alienation in this expressive film from first-time director So Yong Kim.
First-generation immigrant Aimie lives with her mother in the north east of the United States. A withdrawn teen, further marginalised by her race and poor English, she finds solace only in the company of her friend, Tran.
Aimie finds herself falling for Tran but he has his eye on Michelle, a prettier
and more Americanised Korean girl. Heartbroken and estranged from her only friend and her mother, Aimie has no one to turn to but the memory of father in Korea.
Marked by an expressive neo-realistic - almost documentary - style of photography, a profoundly visual filmmaking aesthetic and painfully authentic performances from the teenage leads, In Between Days is a haunting meditation on teenage isolation and the alienation of the migrant experience.
Winner of a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

D So Yong Kim P Bradley Rust Gray S So Yong Kim, Bradley Rust Gray L Korean w/English subtitles TD video/2006/82mins

So Yong Kim was born in Pusan, Korea, in 1969. In Between Days (2006) is her feature film directing debut.

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