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OCTOBER 17, 1961

France, 2005 (MIFF 2006, International Panorama)

Director: Alain Tasma

OCTOBER 17, 1961

“A meticulous and professional re-construction of true events that is imposing and moving precisely thanks to its modesty.” - Rotterdam International Film Festival
Inspired by the likes of Ken Loach and Stephen Frears, French filmmaker Alain Tasma blurs the boundaries between documentary and fiction in this piecing together of events leading up to the violent confrontation of October 17, 1961.
Although this ‘incident' has been largely erased from history books, it is believed almost 200 peaceful protestors were killed when demonstrating against the police and state repression on the streets of Paris towards the conclusion of the Algerian War. The French government continues to remain silent about what was one of the bloodiest raids in the history of France.
“Tasma was not only interested in setting things straight historically. He sees events like this as a significant source for present-day tensions within the immigrant population.”
- Rotterdam International Film Festival

D Alain Tasma P Thomas Anargyros, Edouard De Vesinne S Alain Tasma, Patrick Rotman, Francois-Olivier Rousseau WS Camille NEEL L French, Arabic w/English subtitles TD video/2005/106mins

Alain Tasma's films include Lisa et Simon (1997, TV), Mata Hari: la vraie histoire (2003, TV) and Procès de famille (2004, TV).

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