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Netherlands, 2006 (MIFF 2007, Documentaries)

Director: Aliona van der Horst & Maasja Ooms


“An impressionistic rendering of life in a destroyed city.” - Variety Voices of Bam offers a poetic view of life struggling to resurrect itself in a ruined city. In December 2003, a major earthquake struck the ancient Iranian city of Bam, reducing it to rubble and killing almost a third of its inhabitants. The survivors - beautiful and wilful - carry on with their lives under roofless houses and fallen walls. We bear witness to their cataclysmic loss through a collection of photographs recovered from the debris. These tattered prints, along with voice-overs of survivors talking to the loved ones they have lost, offer a stark cinema verité of their hardscrabble lives. Winner of the Special Jury Prize at last year's Tribeca Film Festival.

D Aliona van der Horst, Maasja Ooms P Frank van den Engel S Aliona van der Horst WS Doc-Co L Farsi w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2006/90mins

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