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South Africa, 2006 (MIFF 2007, Africa! Africa!)

Director: John Barker


An MTV mix of debauchery, drugs, rampant sex, true love and conquering the rock stages. Bunny Chow: A type of South African cuisine where the inside of a loaf of bread is scooped out and replaced with a curry of your choice… like the melting pot that is Johannesburg. The new South Africa, a social mélange of customs, ethnicities and interests; a place where the youth culture is undergoing a renaissance and three stand-up comedians are hitting the road to make it big. Kags, Dave and Joey are three friends from Johannesburg heading to South Africa's biggest music festival at Oppikoppi to become instant comic rock stars but they soon learn that things are never so easy. “This slice of life picture has a stylish, youthful energy, recalling early Spike Lee.” - Hollywood Reporter Contains scenes that may offend

D John Barker P Jeremy Nathan S John Barker, David Kibuuka WS Deviant Selling TD 35mm/2006/95mins

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