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UK / Denmark, 2006 (MIFF 2007, Euro Debuts)

Director: Andrea Arnold


“A white knuckle thriller.” - Toronto Film Festival This psychological nail-biter follows Jackie, a surveillance camera officer who observes the streets of Glasgow on a matrix of television screens. One day, she recognises a man whose past collides traumatically with her own and she begins to follow him. As her observation intensifies, Jackie moves beyond the boundaries set by the cameras and ingratiates herself into his life. It's here that we're taken to a place where the observed and the observer bleed together. Moving us incrementally closer to her characters and their pasts, Arnold constructs her film using one quietly sustained note of tension. Red Road is writer-director Andrea Arnold's debut feature film after winning an Oscar in 2004 for best live action short, Wasp.

D/S Andrea Arnold P Carrie Comerford Dist Arkles Entertainment TD 35mm/2006/113mins

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