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Canada, 2006 (MIFF 2007, Jaguar International Panorama)

Director: Paul Fox


Author Douglas Coupland (Generation X) makes a foray into film as the screenwriter of Everything's Gone Green, a quirky tale about a slacker caught in a late-20s wasteland. When Ryan (Paulo Costanzo) is dumped by his girlfriend and fired from his office job on the same day, he starts to re-evaluate his life. A chance meeting brings Ryan into contact with a film set-dresser named Ming who's unfortunately dating shady entrepreneur Bryce. When Bryce proposes a bizarre money-laundering scheme, Ryan is on the fast track to wealth. The lifestyle that everyone else seems to be enjoying is now within reach - but is it what he really wants? Reminiscent of Garden State in its exuberant eccentricity, Everything's Gone Green is a light, comical critique of our notions of corruption and success.

D Paul Fox, P Chris Nanos, Elizabeth Yake, Henrik Meyer S Douglas Coupland WS Shoreline Entertainment TD 35mm/2006/95mins

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