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USA, 2006 (MIFF 2007, Full Moon Fever)

Director: George Ratliff


“Do you ever feel weird about me, your weird son?” Nine year-old Joshua, the well-mannered and highly intelligent son of affluent Manhattan parents (Sam Rockwell and Vera Famiga), has a new baby sister. But her arrival is having an unsettling effect. For no apparent reason, the baby won't stop crying and Joshua's increasingly disconcerting actions are making things much, much worse. Like a demonic cousin of the kids in Birth and The Sixth Sense, Joshua has a horrifying capacity to shake the very psychological foundations of those around him. Directed with Hitchcockian precision by George Ratliff (Hell House) and featuring the prying cinematography of Benoit Debie (Irréversible, The Ordeal), Joshua is a thrilling descent into a nuclear family's most unimaginable terror. A major buzz title and winner of the Best Cinematography Award at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

D George Ratliff P Johnathan Dorfman S David Gilbert, George Ratliff Dist Twentieth Century Fox TD 35mm/2006/105mins

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