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Netherlands, 2007 (MIFF 2007, Documentaries)

Director: Frank van den Engel, Masja Novikova


“A circus should steer clear of politics.” Along the ancient Silk Road connecting China to Europe, the circus is a deeply rooted cultural phenomenon. In Uzbekistan, it is as alive today as it was in the days of Genghis Khan. This film focuses on two circus artists, Tarsun and Achat, whose lifelong friendship is affected by the differing political choices they have made under the current Uzbek dictatorship. Both have suffered under the regime but, while Tarsun has chosen to cool his political affiliations, Achat remains active. Despite the straining of their friendship, the circus continues. Set against the mountainous Uzbekistan landscape, their circus acts are raw, vital spectacles of tradition. “A stirring exploration of the universal difficulty of balancing convictions, commitments, ambitions and friendships.” - Tribeca Film Festival

D/S Frank van den Engel, Masja Novikova P Jorinde Soree, Willemijn Cerutti, Frederik Nicolai WS Willemijn Cerutti L Uzbek, Russian w/English subtitles TD HDcam/2007/72mins

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