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Various, (MIFF 2007, Backbeat)

Director: Various

As the name suggests, Mirrorball / Animation delves into some creative yet twisted animated clips… ink paintings morph into dreamlike imagery, Viking warlords kick it with guitar solos in a sea-faring battle of the bands… Steve Barnes & Yvette Klein, All the Things That Make Me Happy, dir. Yvette Klein The Go! Team, Ladyflash [version 2], dir. Goodtimes Of Montreal, Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games, dir. Craig Sheldon, Lauren Gregg Birdengine, Thoughts of a Falling Glass Man, dir. Adam Aiken, Shelley Revill Ralfe Band, Women of Japan, dir. Nigel Coan, Ivana Zorn Gisli, How About That, dir. Pic Pic André Single Frame, Exact Copy of This in the Basement, dir. Erik Horn, Gates Bradley Smog, Rock Bottom Riser, dir. Paul McNeil, Brendan Cook The Presets, Girl and the Sea, dir. Lee Lennox Alias, Sixes Last, dir. Arvind Palep Double Adaptor, 200 Nanowebbers, dir. Semiconductor Regina Spektor, Us, dir. Adria Petty Psapp, On Site, dir. Model Robot Wolf Parade, Modern World, dir. Adam Bizanski The Knife, We Share our Mother's Health, dir. Motomichi Nakamura They Might Be Giants, Bastard Wants to Hit Me, dir. Aaron Sorenson José González, Hand on Your Heart, dir. Andreas Nilsson Dangerdoom, ATHF (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), dir. James Reitano Jason Forrest, War Photographer, dir. Joel Trussell

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