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Mexico / France / The Netherlands / Germany, 2007 (MIFF 2008, International Panorama)

Director: Carlos Reygadas


"Sometimes cinema isn't cinema at all: it is a revelation. Carlos Reygadas' Silent Light will make you weak with wonder." - Financial Times

Silent Light opens with what is, arguably, the single most remarkable shot of the year: dawn breaking over a breathtaking rural landscape. One of cinema's most distinctive auteurs, Carlos Reygadas, has created a deeply moving tale of love and sacrifice played out against the pastoral backdrop of the North Mexican Mennonite community using a cast of non-actors.

Johan is a married man who, against the laws of his faith, falls in love with another woman, leaving him with an impossible dilemma - betray his wife and the apparent stability of his community, or surrender his true love and future happiness.

Winner of the Jury Prize at last year's Cannes Film Festival.

D/S Carlos Reygadas P Carlos Reygadas, Jamie Romandia Dist Kojo Pictures L Plautdietsch, Spanish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/142mins

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