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USA, 2008 (MIFF 2008, Altered States)

Director: Lance Hammer


"A thoroughly engrossing experience that attends to everyday life's small (and in a few cases, significant) moments." - Variety

The lives of three African-Americans in the rural Mississippi Delta are laid bare in Ballast, the debut feature from director Lance Hammer that collected multiple honours at Sundance.
In the bleak cold of winter, a man's death by drug overdose tears at the fabric of a family. His twin, Lawrence, is so overcome with grief that he tries - and fails - to commit suicide, something that doesn't prevent the dead man's girlfriend and son from harbouring a deep resentment against the still-living twin.
Bound together by a dead man, the three characters in this delicately nuanced drama struggle to regain their equilibrium and rebuild their lives.

D/S Lance Hammer P Lance Hammer, Nina Parikh WS Celluloid Dreams TD 35mm/2008/96mins

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