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Australia, 2008 (MIFF 2008, Homegrown)

Director: Michael Joy


“We wanted to explore some of the unspoken fears and vulnerabilities that many men face, but are unable to voice.” - filmmaker Michael Joy

Six strangers meet in a suburban lounge room to talk. It's a first step in expressing themselves in a way they've never done before. Although initially uncomfortable, as the men get to know each other, they begin to discover insight and common ground. Then newcomer Anthony drops a bombshell on the group - changing things for good.

Men's Group is the debut feature from Michael Joy, who used a semi-improvisational process that involved actors keeping details about their characters secret from each other until pivotal scenes were filmed, heightening the authenticity of the performances.

John Simpson is a guest of the festival.

D Michael Joy P John L. Simpson S Michael Joy, John L. Simpson WS Titan View L English TD digibeta/2008/104mins

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