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Poland, 2007 (MIFF 2008, Documentaries)

Director: Marcin Koszalka


“The slow camera work, thoughtful shots and editing, all wrapped in the empathic approach, result in an unforgettable experience.” - International Film Festival Rotterdam

Young filmmaker Marcin Koszalka turns his camera on octogenarian actor Jerzy Nowak (Schindler's List, Promised Land) who, facing his mortality, seeks to donate his body to medical science following his death.

A contemplation of existentialist issues and a scientific investigation of what actually does happen to a body post mortem, The Existence benefits from the astounding level of intimacy that Jerzy Nowak offers.

Despite the subject matter, this documentary is not in the least bit maudlin - it is real, open and honest.

D/S Marcin Koszalka P Slawomir Boniecki, Jerzi Dziegielewski, Jacek Kulczycki, Aleksander Kutela, Krzysztof Rak, Anna Skonieczna WS HBO Central Europe L Polish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/68mins

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