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Japan, 2007 (MIFF 2008, Animation Gallery)

Director: Masayuki Kazuya Tsurumaki


God is in his heaven, all is (Not) right with the world.

The Angels have descended. These colossal extraterrestrial monsters besiege the fortress-city of Tokyo-3 and our last line of defence is the Evangelion battle machine and its teenage pilot. A decade on, Hideaki Anno has reimagined his Neon Genesis Evangelion saga as a big cinema experience; it is both faithful to the original story and style, but tempered with the clarity and characterisation of a master story-teller.

Visually, Evangelion 1.0 is bathed in glorious light and is infused with Anno's signature moments of stillness and poetry.

With the addition of evocative neologisms, hybrid theology, windblown hair - and thunderous combat - you get much, much more than ‘troubled teen saves world at helm of giant robot'. 2008's most anticipated anime release.

D Masayuki Kazuya Tsurumaki P Toshimichi Otsuki S Hideaki Anno Dist Rialto Distribution L Japanese w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/98mins

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