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USA, 2008 (MIFF 2008, Altered States)

Director: Azazel Jacobs


For some, leaving home is easy. For Mikey, returning is the problem.

After visiting his parents, 30-something Mikey decides to stay on, at first using the excuse of a cancelled flight. However it's soon clear he has no intention of leaving any time soon. Staying in his childhood bedroom, rifling through artefacts and lost memories, Mikey slides into a personal reverie, dodging phone calls from his panic-stricken wife and avoiding the responsibility of his newfound fatherhood. Funny, touching and poignant, Momma's Man suggests that you can never really go home, but sometimes it's worth trying. Features performances from the director's real-life parents, experimental filmmakers Ken Jacobs and Flo Jacobs. “Momma's Man feels like an intensely personal consideration of the impermanence of things - not just childhood, but also neighbourhoods, cities, entire ways of life.” - Variety

D/S Azazel Jacobs P Alex Orlovsky, Hunter Gray, Paul Mezey, Tyler Brodie WS Visit Films TD 35mm/2008/94mins

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