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Ireland / The Netherlands, 2007 (MIFF 2008, Next Gen)

Director: Marian Quinn


"Taking the inevitable step to womanhood is a universal female experience... It's an age when seemingly trivial events have a huge importance." - filmmaker Marian Quinn

The debut feature from actor-turned-writer-director Marian Quinn (sister of Aidan Quinn, also starring in this film) sees 13-year-old Maeve hit a new milestone: her first bra. Distracted from her friends when she attracts the attention of heartthrob Brian, it's a long fall back to earth when he ultimately dumps her. Becoming an adult doesn't seem like such a great idea anymore, although Maeve is a little wiser for the experience by the time her 14th birthday rolls around.
A bittersweet, coming-of-age tale, 32A is both funny and sad, touching on the truths of early adolescence - traumatic in the moment, and amusing with the distance of time.

MIFF Recommends: Age 13+. Mild sexual references, coarse language and drug references.

D/S Marian Quinn P Tommy Weir WS Beta Cinema TD 35mm/2007/88mins

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