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USA, 1977 (MIFF 2008, Retrospective on George Romero)

Director: George Romero


“First I will save your soul, then I will destroy you.”

Just as he demythologised the zombie with his ‘Dead' series, Romero here disinters the vampire with his own remix of the genre.

The odd, withdrawn teen Martin has a secret, and as a series of gristly murders plague Pittsburgh, Martin's superstitious uncle vows to save the teen's immortal soul before destroying him.

Romero's very unique vampire story - which he refers to as his “most realised” film - is a study on the horrors of loneliness, isolation and familial decay.

“Monsters do exist; in us and among us. They walk in our shadow. They can prey on us more as we fear them less. We should know. We created them.” - George A. Romero

D/S George A. Romero P Ben Barenholtz, Richard Rubenstein WS Richard Rubenstein TD 35mm/1977/95mins

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