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France / Belgium, 2007 (MIFF 2008, International Panorama)

Director: Jacques Doillon


“Since he is just anybody, he could be just any bastard.” - filmmaker Jacques Doillon

Camille is in her 20s and already weighed down by the ugliness of reality. With her life lacking the intensity she craves, she tries to find it where she can, with whoever she can - with just anybody.
The ‘just anybody' is Costa, a drifter, a deadbeat, a bad father, son and lover. After a violent start, Camille won't let him go - she begins to derive meaning and happiness from her attempts to save him from himself. But the more Camille and Costa become entwined, the deeper they sink into the depths of misfortune.
Jacques Doillon (Raja, MIFF 04) deftly portrays the psychological games people play, pulling the viewer into a fascinating emotional tangle of love and morality.

D/S Jacques Doillon P Patrick Quinet WS Pyramide International L French w/English subtitles
TD 35mm/2007/123mins

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