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Australia, 2008 (MIFF 2008, Homegrown)

Director: Matthew Newton


Boys will be boys.

With one night left before being shipped off to Iraq, three Navy officers on shore leave hit the town to celebrate. Dean chases down his fiancée, Sam tries to avoid his partner and Harry just wants to let rip. Gambling, women and practical jokes - all fuelled by booze - produce some interesting results.

Director Matthew Newton also stars in this exciting and feisty new Aussie drama.

“I wanted to show three young guys, doing what I think young guys should be doing with their lives - getting things wrong, getting into trouble, getting themselves out of trouble.” - filmmaker Matthew Newton

Matthew Newton is a guest of the festival.

D/S Matthew Newton P Ben Davis Dist Odin's Eye Entertainment TD hdcam/2008/92mins

Holding Redlich

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