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UK, 2008 (MIFF 2009, International Panorama)

Director: Pat Holden


Friendship, football, fights and fashion.

Adapted by acclaimed author Kevin Sampson from his own bestselling novel, Awaydays is set in the north-west of England in the post-punk 70s, an era that ushered in a new breed of football hooligan, one who cared about his clothes as much as his soccer, and travelled to all the team's away games - not for the match but for the fight.

Carty, a 19-year-old art school dropout, longs to be part of the Pack, a gang of soccer fans that rules his area. When he meets fellow punk fan Elvis he finally gets his chance, but he's not quite ready for all that comes with it.

Features a soundtrack full of north England's best, from Joy Division to Echo and the Bunnymen.

“A striking evocation of 1979 Merseyside delinquency.” - Variety

D Pat Holden P David A Hughes S Kevin Sampson WS Red Union Films TD digibeta/2008

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