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South Korea, 2008 (MIFF 2009, Neighbourhood Watch)

Director: Yang Ik-june


“Arrestingly violent from the get-go.” - Screen International

Dark, brutal and prone to uncontrollable rages, Song-hoon is someone you don't want to run into on the street. Making a living in the casual daily violence of underworld thuggery, he finds brutality comes as naturally as breathing.

His life takes a turn when he meets tough-talking schoolgirl Yeon-hee, with the two forming an unlikely bond that offers the thug a glimpse of redemption.

A breathtaking directorial debut from Yang Ik-june, who also masterfully takes on the explosive lead role.

“Explores the murky gray zone between compassion and cruelty, redemption and revenge, and the blessings and curses of family bonds.” - Korea Times

D/P/S Yang Ik-june WS Showbox L Korean w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008

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