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USA, 2009 (MIFF 2009, The Primal Screen)

Director: Nicole Haeusser

“He forever changed male sexuality in cinema.” - John Waters

Propelled to underground stardom as the naked stud in the Warhol/Morrissey films Flesh, Trash and Heat, ‘Little' Joe Dallesandro became a unique counter-culture sex symbol. With his famous film role referenced in Lou Reed's ‘Walk on the Wild Side' and his crotch featured on the cover of The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers album, Dallesandro has left an indelible imprint on 20th century pop culture.

Little Joe looks back on Dallesandro's wild and eclectic life, from his early days as a juvenile delinquent and hustler to his life-changing discovery at the hands of Andy Warhol, his struggles with drug addiction and his filmic adventures in Europe.

Featuring clips from many of Dallesandro's films, Little Joe puts plenty of naked and buffed bodies on display in an eclectic exploration of the trajectory of a sex symbol.

D Nicole Haeusser P Vedra Mehagian Dallesandro, Joe Dallesandro, Nicole Haeusser, Christos Moisides S Joe Dallesandro WS Vedra Mehagian Dallesandro TD HDCAM/2009

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