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Animated Genesis

UK, 1952 (MIFF 1953)

Director: Joan Foldes, Peter Foldes

An allegory of the creation of the world and man's enslavement by the machine, motivated by Greed, personified as an enormous and menacing spider. The spider is eventually overthrown by the intervention of Goodness, but not before atomic warfare has occurred.

Animated Genesis is an artist's conception of the beginning of life and of man's eventual emergence through evil into sunshine. A film of ideas sincerely believed and sincerely translated by the artists.

Animated Genesis is the work of the two young British painters, Joan and Peter FoIdes, who, seeking a new development in painting, found it in the medium of the animated film. With no previous experience of film work, the two artists retired to a small cottage in Sussex and experimented with a newly acquired 16-mm. camera and supplies of Kodachrorne film. Knowing strongly what they wanted to express, the artists worked freely and instinctively, expressing themselves without hindrance from time, instructions, charts, and scripts. The final result may well be termed a new dimension in painting.

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