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The Life and Death of 9413 - a Hollywood Extra

USA, 1928 (MIFF 1955, Odd Birds in the Aviary)

Director: Robert Florey

One of the earliest of experimental films produced in America showing the influence of the expressionistic technique. The film was produced as a private venture by a group of film technicians &ndash: produced at night after work in Vorkapich's kitchen from odds and ends. The story of the film is a simple satirical fantasy highlighting the dreams of glory of a Mr. Jones, a would-be film star.See also...

Fable of the Peacock

USA, 1950
Authentic dances and music of India illustrating the dance of India as a ceremonial and form of entertainment. The fable of the vain peacock is told with hand and facial gestures and body movements b… More »

Graham Sutherland

UK, 1954
A film about the distinguished English painter, best known for his portraits of Somerset Maugham, Lord Beaverbrook and Sir Winston Churchill. Sutherland is, however, mainly a landscape artist who tre… More »

Le Sang des Bêtes

France, 1949
Le Sang Des Betes describes a Paris abattoir, not only the methods of slaughtering animals, but also the melancholy district in which it is set, and the oddly genial characters of the people employed… More »

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